The standard matte finish, powder coated, and polished finish can be compared above.

Jackpoint Jackstands are designed so you can lift your car on the factory jacking location with a common floor jack and support your car on the Jackpoint Jackstand using the same location while protecting the pinch weld or other configuration of jacking location from damage.

Using the same set of jackpoint bases, the jackpoint pads can be changed to use the bases on your various cars with flat surface jacking locations, pinch weld locations, locator pin style, or others.  Rubber pads are also available to insulate metal to metal contact between the jackpoint pad and the vehicle's surface.each pair of jackpoint jackstands comes with either a standard or low profile jack pads. These pads will work on a wide variety of cars with pinch weld or flat jacking locations.

The image below shows a jackpoint jackstand properly located on the factory pinch weld of a mazda3. 

JackPoint Jackstands are great for use in your garage or at the track.

Jackpoint jackstands are available with different pads for different cars.  Using the correct pad, you can easily solve the problem of proper jack stand placement.     

Jackpoint Jackstands' standard finish is a natural cast, textured finish that has no coating, paint or glaze.  Your Jackpoint Jackstand can be polished or powder coated for an additional charge.

Options & Applications

​​Special cars may require special applications.  At jackpoint Jackstands we try to find the right fit for your car. Custom or modified pads can often be fabricated for your unique car. Pictured below is a pad modified for the unique jacking location on a Mercedes SL 550.


The standard matte finish, as seen below, will not rust and should be cleaned with non-acidic cleaners

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