Different Jackpoint pads are available for different factory jacking locations.  Have a special or unique jacking configuation on your car?  Contact us and discuss options for a custom designed pad to protect your car from damage.  The Jackpoint jack stand is the first proper jack stand for today's cars.
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With the car elevated, the Jackpoint base is located under the elevated pad.  With the Jackpoint base in place, the car can be lowered until the Jackpoint pad rests on top of the base and supports the car as the jack is lowered.

How It Works

This process can then be repeated to raise the car on additional jack stands.  Simply reverse the process to put the car back on the ground.

Jackpoint JackStands are designed so you can lift you car on the factory jacking location with a common floor jack and support your car on the Jackpoint JackStand using the same location used to lift the car.  The jackpoint jack pad is designed to fit securely on the lifting plate of your jack.  The pad is then aligned with the jacking location on your car and the car is lifted with the pad in place.  (Check Your Owner's Manual For The Proper Jacking Location On Your Car)


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