2.    Will JackPoint Jackstands fit under my lowered car?
 The low profile JackPoint pad resting on a standard racing jack will require approximately 4 1/2" - 5" of ground clearance to the car's jacking location assuming the jack's minimum pick up height is 3 1/2".  Using lower pick up jacks like the Omega 29025 or the Griot's floor jack will lower the needed ground clearance by about 1 inch.  If your car is too low, it may be necessary to jack the car up on one jacking location without the pad in place and extend the suspension.  Gently lower the car.  The extended suspension should provide you the extra half inch or more of ground cleanance needed to put the JackPoint pad in place and lift the car.  Race prepared cars may need to have the first corner lifted and have the tire lowered onto a short block.  After the first JackPoint Jackstand is in place, the remaining corners will be high enough for most jacks.

JackPoint JackStands are designed to provide increased safety against vehicles slipping off a conventional jack stand through use of the JackPoint JackStand on the vehicle's proper jacking location.  Always use a JackPoint pad that is the proper fit for the vehicle.  Using the wrong pad or using a JackPoint JackStand or any jack stand in the wrong place presents a serious risk that the vehicle will slip off the jack stand and fall.


  • NEVER place your hands between the JackPoint body and JackPoint pad while using the stand or positioning the base under the pad.

  • Do not use non-JackPoint components or pads on a JackPoint base.

  • Only use Jackpoint Jackstands on un-damaged factory jacking locations on your vehicle.

JackPoint JackStands LLC is not responsible for any damage or injury arising from improper, inexperienced, or careless use of JackPoint products.   If you have any question about the proper use of a JackPoint JackStand, contact JackPoint JackStands, LLC before using the product.


  • Do not work on vehicles supported by jack; use jack stands.

  • Use jack stands in pairs.

  • Use jack stand only on the correct jacking location.

  • Use jack stands only on hard, strong, and level surfaces.

  • Chock wheels to prevent vehicle from rolling.

  • Do not exceed rated capacity of jack stand.

  • Do not use a jack stand that is damaged, cracked, bent or deformed.

  • Do not work fully under vehicle.

  • Read instructions before using.

  • Jack stands are rated in pairs.  The indicated load capacity is for TWO jack stands not each one.

FAQ's & Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.    Will my current jack work with JackPoint Jackstands?
 Most racing style jacks and many outboard wheel jacks will work with JackPoint Jackstands.  It is not necessary to buy a special jack.  The JackPoint Store has two jacks from Omega that work with our stands, but you can use JackPoint Jackstands with your floor jack from Griot's, Sears, Torin, and many jacks sold by retail and online vendors like Tool King and Harbor Freight.  See the illustrations under the Instructions page on this site and check to see if your jack is no more than 11 3/4" wide at the frontwheels or at the base handles; has a lift arm that is no more than 5 1/2" wide; and has a jack plate that is between 4" and 5" in diameter.  These dimensions will allow easy clearance and operation.  You should not use a jack with a jack plate smaller than 3 1/2" in diameter as it may allow the JackPoint pad to shift and tip on the plate while jacking.  Do not use a jack that is damaged or that won't safely lift and hold your vehicle at a height of at least 14 inches.

Sorry about your transmission, kind of ruins the whole event.  Parade is 07/31 thru 08/06 we are just about ready to start the drive ( just about 3,000 miles each way).  The jackstands are awesome, unfortunately they are too large to fit into the Boxster along with all the other stuff (vacuum, floor jack, cleaning supplies….) that we need for concours.  I have a set of small aluminum jack stands from Griot’s.  I made an adapter for the Boxster’s jackpoint.  I know you are just getting started with the current design but, it would be great to have a compact version that would work with a small aluminum racing jack.  The lift height of the jack stands is fine.  If the base could be narrower, just wide enough for a small floor jack that would be perfect.  Is the cost for tooling a new design very expensive?  Perhaps we can discuss this we I get back from Parade.

I love using the Jackpoint Jackstands, I especially like the way that they center themselves when the pad is lowered onto the base not to mention the ability to use the cars jackpionts for jacking and holding. 

Best Regards,




VISIT THE JACKPOINT STORE http://shop.jackpointjackstands.com/ 

I wanted to send you a brief note concerning your Jackpoints:  Brilliant idea and superb execution!   I couldn't be more pleased with them.   Truly one of those "finally somebody came up with a solution for that problem".    I had my GT3 up in the air over the weekend: probably 15 minutes doing it for the first time.  

 Living in Pittsburgh, I have two of my vehicles that I change over to winter wheels/tyres and I do it myself.  Always a pain but now it will be a breeze ~ I'm almost looking forward to it!   And my GT3 is a "tracker" so I'll be changing wheels & brakes on a regular basis.  

Thanks to Rennlist for tipping me off to your Jackstands and thanks to you for making them!  

Best regards,  Dave