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 Jackpoint Jackstands received the very bad news that the foundry raised the costs of the jack stands by 30% due to material and labor costs increases! This increase would result in a new price of $437/pair!!  We  worked hard to minimize the higher costs impacts and reduced the new price to $389/pair.  We apologize for the increase.  Questions? Info@jackpointjackstands.com

The unique design features of Jackpoint Jackstands include their open front and wide base.  These features allow the JackPoint Jackstand to fit around floor jacks while the jack is supporting a vehicle.  We use light weight, high performance, high strength  Aluminum alloy and wall thicknesses of 1/2 inch or more to evenly distribute load throughout the jack stand base.  The results are jack stands that meets ANSI standards at 4000 pounds and a stable base nearly twice as wide as conventional jack stands. 

The Jackpoint Jackstand has a wider, more stable base. But, Unlike conventional jack stands, Jackpoint Jackstands are stackable. Two Jackpoint Jackstands take about the same storage space as two conventional jack stands.

JackPoint Jackstands, LLC, manufacturers the first jack stand that allows you to use a conventional floor jack to lift your car on the proper factory jacking location and use that exact same location to support your car on our fixed, secure jack stand.  With JackPoint Jackstands you won't have to guess or gamble on an alternative spot to jack up your car or place the jack stand because you can use the factory location for both.  Finally you have an answer to the question - "Where do I put a jack stand on my car?"

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Another unique feature is the contoured, interlocking pad and base design.  The bottom of the pad is angled to match a parallel angle in the top of the base.  These parallel surfaces help align and center the base under the pad as the pad is lowered on to the base.  Simultaneously, the same pad and based surfaces are contoured with matching surfaces that lock the pad in place once it is resting on the base.  The load on the pad actually makes the pad more secure on the base creating a unified, secure structure to support the vehicle. 

Jackpoint Jackstands are 12 inches high, 16 inches wide, and 12 inches deep overall.  This provides a wide and deep base that is stable and prevents tipping.  Though shorter than some jack stands, Jackpoint Jackstands provide greater ground clearance when used in pairs because they support the vehicle at a location that takes advantage of geometry when the front or the back of the vehicle is supported.  

Also unique to the Jackpoint Jackstand is the top surface of the pad which is designed to match the jacking location on your car.  Some auto manufacturers use reinforced pinch welds on the unibody chassis to create the factory jacking location.  Other manufacturers use a flat surface with a hole or other recessed point in the flat surface as the jacking location.  The basic Jackpoint Jackstand pads are designed to accommodate these common, but different jacking configurations.


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